Hello Sunshine

After sooking my way through the cold of winter I've been quite pleased by the warm weather lately. So have the reptiles too apparently. A blue tongue lizard tried to make a home in our yard. I haven't seen my friend Tigey yet. With the extra sunshine comes a few changes. Longer days and shorter nights welcome in daylight savings and luckily we remember to change our and clocks and Prime Minister (or something like that).

The most obvious difference when running is the increased need for water. For the most part I am guided by thirst. This works fine during the colder weather. When it heats up I find thirst sometimes isn't quite enough of a stimulus for some of the moderate to longer runs. It could just be habits, but I tend to fall on the under-drinking side of the scale. It's fine in the short term, but once the distance extends out the lack of hydration starts to show up. While I like the concept of listening to the body, sometimes it's the interpretation that can be a little lacking.

Keeping hydration in the right range needs a few check points. Thirst definitely is a good starting point and will get me pretty close to what is needed most of the time. Next in line is just being aware of how much (or little) I am drinking and comparing that to my usual requirements for the conditions. This provides a reasonable objective check to compliment the more subjective thirst. Then there is final indicator before things get bad, when your snot rockets just won't break of cleanly. That is a clear sign of being behind in the water game.

All this extra heat is good, but some of the mornings seem to forget they're not meant to be cold. Either that or they attempt a throw back to winter and throw a bit of iciness out there. Which is kind of pleasant. It provides a good excuse for another coffee anyway.


  1. Sunny, but not overly warm in Melbourne over the weekend (which was good!). We have a good network of bubblers on the popular bike paths around town -- good option if I'm not carrying water.

    1. I don't really have a network of bubblers around me down in the north east of Melbourne. However, I do have plenty of spots I know I can get access to water if needed.

      Did you race down here on the weekend?

    2. Yes, the 10k - enjoyed finishing in the G again. 47:39, my best time for a while - can thank the weather for that.


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