One week out from this year's edition of the Surfcoast Century. This year I have elected to stay away from covering the full 100km. A decision I made before injury, but turns out it was an even better idea. Instead I am participating in a team of 4. I've scored the 3rd leg which is exactly the one I wanted. Being the longest at 28km with the biggest climbs and descents thrown in it is described as the crux of the course. I am looking forward to hitting this section with having 49km already in the legs. It will be great to attack the hills rather than trying to be efficient.

This race will also a test of my rehabilitation. I do not feel race fit. The training kilometres have been limited and I definitely haven't had any of the big sessions that give me confidence leading into event. Instead I've been working on strengthening and redeveloping my hamstrings, especially the proximal tendons. The training has involved almost daily strength work. Running has been a mixture of low intensity sessions, some faster stuff which was limited in both volume and to work within my biomechanical limits. With the legs feeling pretty good, just missing the snap or speed in them that like I am at the point I need to test my fitness.

Hopefully I can put down a reasonable performance on the day. At the very least it should be enjoyable scrambling through the Otways. Training after that will depend on how the day unfolds and how the recovery goes.


  1. Good plan. Hope you feel fresh, the team goes well and you run a solid 28k.


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