Ready For The Next One?

Having the mindset to properly recovered and ready for the key training sessions seems to be working. Following a set of recent hill repeats, my left tibialis posterior has been protesting a lot with any running. It's something I've had a reasonable of trouble with in the past, and requires a little bit of prehab to keep it in check. This time, I pushed it further than it could handle. No real problem, its just meant I've had to keep running fairly easy for a few days and delay hitting a long paced run by a couple of days.

In previous years, I used to get quite concerned about missing or delaying the hard training sessions. This time I'm about as relaxed as I possibly can be about it. I now know I can't force my body into top shape. I need to provide the stimulus and recovery so it can adapt, but everything can only progress as fast as the weakest link allows. As usual the weakest link is the soft tissue. Will this tiny hold up work against me. Probably not by much. It may just cut out one moderate or even hard run before my first race on 7th April. What I do with the remaining sessions is up to me. A couple of very minor tweaks to the plan and I should still get everything I need out of the upcoming training.

Over the next two and bit weeks, the key runs will definitely mainly on hitting the paces and similar terrain that the upcoming races will deliver. Since the races include a cross country, a flat half marathon, a trail race and the hilly Great Train Race, the terrain really includes almost everything I get my feet onto. However, I will hit that terrain looking to replicate a lot of what I will need to be good at on race day. All other running will be just to support these key runs. Therefore, they will usually be very easy, recovery style running.


  1. can only progress as much as the weakest link allows. Finding that out too...taking some time off from the long runs too. We'll be back.


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