Blue Collaring

No updates for a while. Basically it's because I've been busy training. No change to the program lately, just been a process in managing time to get the training in consistently. Which is what I have managed to achieve. As a result I haven't had the extra time available to update the blog.

As per my last post, the progression is continuing. My easy runs are all faster than a month ago, yet are still at the same heart rates. I've hit found the true threshold to how fast I can really hold for the long runs without making them a pure race effort. It's a speed I'm happy with, but really would like to improve in the next 3 weeks. As a result my paced long runs will take on more of a progression style. Starting out at a pace I know I can maintain for the full distance then stepping up the speed as the run progresses. That way I should hopefully by up to a sustained fast pace over 23km.

The 1000m intervals have improved substantially. Each session I gotten a little faster, and each session it all feels a little more natural. Recovery between repeats and post run has also gotten better. Over this next month, I'll mix up the pace and length of intervals a little more to ensure the gains are more transferable to racing, and I don't just get good at running 1000m repeats. The variations will include 600m hill repeats, 2000m repeats and 5000m repeats at above and below race paces.

With the kilometres banking up, the long runs getting quicker and a good dose of race pace running, I am feeling as though things are still on track. The doubts are creeping in, and the temptation to really push out something extra stupid keeps trying to take over. Maybe that form of self sabotage makes it's mentally easier to fail. So far I've kept that under control. I'm keeping the hard work hard in the right way. Sucking up and holding a set speed for 23km is a big set of challenges that is different to trying to run flashy quick 400m repeats.


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