The Next Round

Nothing happened in terms of racing towards the end of 2012. A little bit of training filled the gaps. 2013 kicked off with a couple of races and some good training thrown in followed by a very down week. Now it's time to ramp things up.

What's next?

A racing schedule is taking shape. At the moment I'm not looking at hitting my main races without the traditional peak and drop. Instead I want a more linear progression that I can continue to improve beyond those races. Added in should be a touch of specificity to ensure I can make the most of my fitness in the races.

The schedule is:

My goals are set high for these races and the short version is I'm looking for personal bests.

Am I in form to hit those goals?

If I raced them next week then the answer is 'no'. In the time frame I have, then I it is doable. I am fit right now. There are some stand out gaps in my fitness, but these are fixable. Of course aiming for personal bests is a big ask. There is a good risk of failure. That is part of the appeal.

Details on the plan should be the next post.


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