Evil Bunnies

A longish run out on the trails started a couple of hours before dawn. I was hoping to cover 30km, but had to be content with 25km so I didn't encroach on family zoo time. Following soon after an extra 14 hour night shift, setting the alarm for 04:30 was already a big enough ask. Since the sun had better sense than I, the way was illuminated by my headlamp.

The run was slow when compared to most of my other sessions of late. That didn't matter, speed isn't everything. Relaxed technique over as much technical stuff as I could find was what I was after. It did point out I've let some of that slip.

The trails were all familiar to me. I've covered them many times. Linking up the main segments in different ways made it all a little more interesting. Being so early meant I was first through most sections for the day. That had me covered in an insulating layer of cobwebs by the end. Everything also looks different through the tunnel of light emanating from the headlamp. Rabbits were everywhere and their eyes reflect back a golden reddish spark that gives them an evil look.

I was also lucky enough to mix it up with a few kangaroos and a couple of kookaburras. There is a lot of 'feel good' with this type of run.


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