Back Into It

It's been a bit of time since my last post. Main reason is I've taken a good mental break from training in the time after the Surfcoast Century. That doesn't mean I haven't been running.

Since the race I've taken things quite easy. I took the 8 days completely off running. That time was filled with work in the garden and basically anything unrelated to running. My mind really wanted me to head out a run by day 5, but I made a point not to.

Next up I gave myself 10 days to run however I wanted to, with the only caveat of erring on the side of being comfortable. The result was a variety of runs between 40-90 minutes. I didn't worry about pace or times. I just ran. It is good to have that freedom away from a designated training program.

Over this time I was pretty happy about how well I recovered from the 100km. Other than a few right spots the only trouble I noticed was both Achilles' tendons seemed to be a bit of weak point. A couple of days off seemed to fix that.

Now I'm back into some form of structure. I haven't worked out exactly what I'm aiming for next. I'll likely be back at the Surfcoast next year. Over the next few weeks it will be about building myself back up and creating a solid platform for some serious training. I'm surprised how much more I learnt over my last year of training. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get even more from myself.


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