Post marathon my brain took a break from training, as did my body. An easy swim and a very, very slow run was thrown in at some point. It wasn't training, just something to loosen up. Otherwise, my exercise has consisted of a few walks with the dog and family. On Sunday, it was good to be on the other side and support my wife in her first fun run in 17 years. Despite taking note of the winning times and thinking I could have beaten those, it was even more enjoyable than I was hoping. It was good to see others get excited in the same way I do.

Soon enough I'll get to answering some questions that have been asked about the marathon and my preparation. This will also include a bit of analysis of what went wrong and what went right in the build up. This week, I am getting back into some regular, comfortable training. Future plans are still up in the air, but there are a few thoughts bouncing around inside the skull.

Recovery has been surprisingly exceptional. At this stage I think the taper and style of preparation in the preceding couple of weeks reset my body. It appears that my regeneration abilities are back to normal. Post race, the worst I felt was immediately after the crossing the finish and the most pain was walking back to the car. The delayed onset muscle soreness was quite mild for the next two days. Other than some minor tender spots and excessive tightness in a few areas, everything is like I didn't run a marathon. Instead, I feel I just ran a hard race, not something that can take up to twelve to recover from.


  1. Jason,
    I just did a half marathon, and I ran it with a first timer. There's nothing like watching someone complete their first race at a particular distance.
    Very happy to hear you are on the mend (quickly) and enjoyed watching and supporting your wife.


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