Simple, Might Work

The first cycle has been covered. So far, it looks like I am finally on the right track for what's left of my marathon preparation. Two hard runs, and moderate run and the everything else being geared towards recovery gives me plenty of room to breath. The simplicity of this approach might be what will make it work.

A long run approaching the marathon distance. Done slower, but not substantially slower than race pace. A shorter run performed quite a bit faster than marathon pace. Then a moderate run where I practice running at race pace. It isn't exactly rocket science. It keeps me from getting caught up in the small details, and really only having two runs out of 8 days where I have to put in a concerted effort means that I do put in the effort where it counts.

Having more time and head space for recovery seems to have me more in tune to what my body is really doing. It might be placebo, but I seem to be able feel more of how I am responding to training. The good and the bad.

As the weeks tick down, I ever have a true test of my fitness until race day. I'm sure this will play around with my confidence at times. However, this approach is what needs to be done to give me the best chance of running a faster marathon.


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