It's been nearly two weeks since my blog post. I've noticed that my frequency of posting often goes down when the training isn't going as well as I would like. This gap is a bit different. First up, my spare time has been almost non-existent with doing some extra work shifts and renovating the garden. So where I portion the remaining time puts the blog low down. The other main reason is to help keep my head in the correct mindset for the marathon I tried to avoid thinking too much about my training.

This avoidance in concentrating on training when not actually running has been a tactic to keep away from negative thoughts. Since the overall training plan cannot be followed and the running I am doing feels like it is no where near enough, then the less I think about it the better. My recovery abilities have improved a little, but it is clear I am running a fine line. Some easy runs haven't been so easy on the body. I am training less, performing less intensity, but am still on that very fine line.

To get a new PB at the marathon this year will be a big ask. It is still doable, but I will need to get everything right on the day. Setting my 2:58 two years ago had me focus very heavily on the exact paces I was running from kilometer to kilometer. This year it will be a slightly different approach. It will have to be a step-by-step, focus on the process, rather than mainly the stopwatch to give me the best chance. With only two-and-a-half weeks left, it is time to get down to the final details. I plan on covering those details here.


  1. good luck mate with the PB. sounds like your on track

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