Time Gaps

It's been over a week since my last post, yet it only feels like a couple of days. Getting to the blog, has been bumped down on the list of priorities a number of times by various things. Since these have been varied, I'll get into the training side of things. Following the Run For The Kids, I had the usual soreness and fatigue, but thought I coming good just a few days after. Unfortunately I must have been fighting some sort of illness as my requirement for sleep, soon felt ridiculous and I decided to give the a couple days of training a miss. On the third day I was feeling good, but the family was experiencing the same thing, so again training was pushed to the side.

Since then I have gotten back to almost my full routine of triathlon training. A couple of swim sessions have been missed, but all the leg work has been done. For my mindset, it is probably a good thing that I'm making an effort not to worry about the numbers of training too much. My main focus at this stage is to solidify good habits that keep me consistent. If I was taking a good look at the times put down, then I really wouldn't be happy. Everything is slow.

There is a real gap on where I feel I should be, and reality. On the positive side, I have been creating a reasonable amount of suffering in training. The sessions have been completed in full and I am getting sore and fatigued as I feel like I should. Hopefully it is just the combination of coming off a sustained running peak mixed with changing the focus back to triathlon. I'll give myself a couple more weeks and take a good look at where I am.


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