A Runner Who Rides And Swims A Bit

It is a struggle to think of yourself as a triathlete when you aren't racing triathlons. The idea of being race ready for the multisport disciplines is good, but at the moment my passion isn't quite there for the training. There is a massive amount of work needed for the bike, and I know I won't be happy with the level of swimming I can realistically expect. Even if my riding reached it's highest level ever, I never would feel fit unless my run was up to standard. It is the sign of true runner, that you must be run fit to feel fit.

Looking ahead at possible races points out I am definitely a runner. Even the low key, low priority running races fill me with excitement. It is some
thing I am not getting from looking ahead at triathlons. Even if it wasn't easier logistically for my life to fit run training in over triathlons, it just feels right to focus on the running. Add to that I am running at my best levels ever on substantially lower volume.

The official results from Williamstown are now out, and I can confirm my fastest time over the course is now 1:22:43. That gave me 19th place overall and 13th in the open category. The result of running hard to such a time looks little like this....


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