Reviewing Goals

2010 has been a full year. Moving house twice and adding to the family means my world hasn't been grounded in much routine. In the past I have mentioned I relish a certain degree of routine. So I am appreciating life settling down to something which I would now call normal. At least my version of normal. Next year we are hoping to get in a couple of decent holidays too. With that in the planning and my leave roster finally being released, I can now start to think how the next year is likely to be structured.

Time to review the goals I set back in April this year. (Training Document - Page 1)

MAIN GOAL: Race a Personal Best at a Half Ironman/70.3 Triathlon in the
2011/12 season.

Previous PB: 4:35:39 Canberra City Half Ironman 2000,
Swim: 0:30:18 Bike: 2:36:19 Run: 1:29:02

· Consistency
· Make the most of each day, and in turn each year
· Break it down into manageable chunks
· Ensure progression
· Rest is a relative term
· Maintain balance between family, work, social, sport and the rest of
· Switch “on” and “off” as required
· Be inspired by my own dreams and goals
· Be accountable

Base – redevelop a foundation for triathlon over the rest of 2010.
Focus – Pick 1 or 2 key races for the start of 2011 to aim for
Reassess – After the key races review what is required for the rest of

It is comforting that I still consider these goals relevant. For the most part I believe I have been sticking to the basic intent. As always there are aspects that require improvement. Most I have got right, so it is worth discussing what needs addressing. This post will only be an overview.

Consistency: The structure is nearly there to ensure consistency. However, I still have missed plenty of training over the last few months. What needs to change is reducing my acceptance at skipping sessions. This will take a little more commitment to better time management.

Ensure Progression: Again close, but I have a lack of clearly defined pathways for progression. I need to move away from the vague generalisations and work on some measurable results.

Be Accountable: Putting the goals out there in writing provides a small degree of accountability, but that is about it. I have no structured system to check if I am hitting the standards I want from myself.


I am now in a position to start seriously considering my racing timetable and goals.
Nothing is set at this stage, but I am still aiming to race a PB at the half ironman distance in the 2011/12 season. Prior to that I need some other races to look into.

Currently I have been considering the Triman Long Course in Torquay next April, but in the lead up week on the same day are the Police & Emergency Services Games, where I'd also like to compete. At this stage I am leaning towards the Police Games, since it is likely I will be away on holiday when I should be doing the heaviest training. (life-training balance). As a result I don't think I can prepare properly for the Triman.

Leading into April I will hit a handful of short triathlons. The Portarlington 800/26/8 has been one of my all time favourites, so it would be good to head back there. The others will depend on my work roster, but I am hoping to get in the Victorian Sprint Championship and maybe an Olympic distance.

I have also discovered the Challenge Cairns 3.8/180/42 race in June. Now I wasn't planning on racing an ironman distance race for a while yet, but the timing of this one seems to fit. There is a good chance I may have a go at the full distance sooner than expected. Plenty to think about and work out before I commit.


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