A few weeks and cycles of training have been put together. Fitness has accumulated. The old neural pathways in swimming and cycling have had the road blocks removed. I have hit some quite fast sessions (albeit, for very short distances). Most importantly I have some regular training completed.

Because my lifestyle is different, I didn't know exactly how everything would fit, and whether or not it work as I hoped. With a bit of experience I think I have more of an idea. In my original template, there is definitely a lot that works. The main aspect is where and when I allocate training time. The format works for me.

What won't continue working for me is a lot of the content of the sessions. I am happy with what I done over the last few weeks. It has helped me get back into feeling more like a triathlete. On the other hand, my training needs to adapt to progress beyond what I have gained so far.

The main change will be move to some longer, more sustained efforts. The short, relatively high to very high intensity has worked so far, but it won't get me what I want in the long run. I haven't decided on the details, but I have a rough plan forming in my head. In the mean time, I'll let the current 8-day week run its course. Run the local 10km. Then start the next phase.


  1. Have a good one in the 10k. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with training-wise.


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