Time Flies

It's been almost a week since my last post, yet it feels like a couple of days. I must be having fun.

The training plan has been in action. Things have gone as expected. A few sessions have been missed, but I have got in some really good training as well. It is too early to know if it is all going to work out as hoped, but at least I am getting the work load done.

The time in between training sessions has been pretty much filled. The majority of that has been work. Finishing on time is a rarity now.

Not focussing on the small details and not worrying about what is missed seems to be working for me. Having my brain functioning in the right space plays a big part. I am now figuring out where that space may actually be. To help with this I need some way to measure results.

The only results that truly matter are what I do in races. The only way to get those results is to race. So I have to get past thinking I am 'not yet fit enough,' push my ego to the side and just enter some races. Then I'll know where I really stand.


  1. Yes, races are so damned honest with their assessments. If your backside looks big and your last kilo sucked a race will say "your backside looks big and your last kilo sucked!"


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