Sri Chinmoy Princes Park

Keeping on track with my plan to run 60km on my 60th birthday, I considered it good preparation to cover at least 32km for my 32nd. So I headed down to Princes Park to run the Sri Chinmoy 30km and make up the extra kilometres with the warm up and cool down. I covered an extra 2km just to make sure.
A cold start soon warmed up enough when the sun spread across some relatively clear skies to create almost perfect race conditions. The wind was a tad strong, but nothing to slow things down. It felt strange lining up to race with the plan to hold back. I had to remind myself plenty of times it was simply a test to see if things were on track for the marathon.
The plan was simple, start easy, then ease into a pace that was equivalent to about a 2:57:30 marathon. That meant a time of about 2:07:00 for the 30km, or about 4:12/km. During the race I didn't check heart rate, it was all based on pace.
Six laps of 5km went as follows:
lap 1 21:55, 4:23/km HR: 150
lap 2 20:40, 4:08/km HR: 157
lap 3 20:54, 4:10/km HR: 157
lap 4 21:00, 4:12/km HR: 158
lap 5 21:03, 4:12/km HR: 159
lap 6 21:06, 4:13/km HR: 162

That gave me an overall time of 2:06:38, HRav 157, 4:13/km and 16th place overall. More importantly was how I felt. The first lap I definitely went too easy and felt I could comfortably get away with chasing down a little time while fresh over lap 2. Then the rest of the day was fairly comfortable. At no stage did I feel the need to slow down, just required a fair increase in concentration over the last 4km to make sure I didn't accidently slow down.
This far out from the marathon and with plenty of hard training to come, I am confident that going under 3 hours is very doable. Of course those last 12,195m can provide some decent challenges that makes the marathon what it is. Maybe it will help to think I have over 2 months to simply work that part.


  1. That's a great run and some very encouraging signs so far out from race day. I am thinking that even faster is not out of the question. Keep up the good training.

  2. The numbers look good Jason. Just a slightly higher HR on the last lap. How does 157 sit as a % of your max?

    Anyway, still time for further improvement - a sub 2:55 marathon doesn't seem out of the question.

  3. YEA! Very good race! Two more months to wrap this training up. Stick with it, my friend. You are doing great!

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  5. Jason, happy birthday to you and congrats on a fine effort. I wondered which one of the many 'fast dudes' you were!

    Hard to imagine how you won't achieve your marathon goal.

    Keep up the great work.

    Cheers, PB


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