Just Like The Last

There is kind of a rhythm to my days lately. The exact routine varies a little, but there is an obvious trend. I wake up a bit earlier than I feel I need to. There is a run in the morning, either first thing or a little later. There is the time with my daughter. Food and coffee have their parts. Work has been the time consuming feature. The 0900-2100 roster (finishing on time isn't all that common either) has finally caught up with me. No night shifts have been great, but I've been feeling like I'm at work everyday. For the last few weeks, most days have felt like the one before.

That's not to say I haven't been having fun. I've still managed plenty of family time. Haven't missed any training and managed a little bit of a social life. It's good to know I'm back into my preferred roster next week. More variable shifts, but it does suit me better.

I've hardly had time to think about running over the last week. The schedule has been set for a while, so I just have to follow the plan. The preparing of clothes and shoes is now an automatic routine. The filling of water bottles, setting the heart rate monitor and getting out the door usually occur before I wake up. When those first few running steps are taken, and the blood starts being redirected and pumped a little faster, with the breathing rate climbing, something happens. All the stresses and commitments of life fade away. I have the freedom to think about absolutely nothing or anything I want. The euphoria of the runner's high appears during most runs lately. Then when the kilometres are covered, and the wet and muddy shoes are kicked off, I am recharged. I usually feel better than before the run and I am ready for the rest of the day. It also helps being greeted by my daughter.


  1. I was on the same wavelength today as I was running. My schedule has become quite hectic, and I realized today that I quite enjoy "following" a plan. I don't have to think, I just do.

  2. You seem to be coping well with a busy routine - if there's still a social life, you haven't hit 11 tenths ;) Keep the runner's high going.

  3. There's nothing like a welcome home from a child to make everything feel great about life ... except when they say "daddy, you're skanky" and walk off (this at age four!)


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