The previous week of recovery finishing with a weekend away was exactly what mind, body and soul needed. So after getting back to work and a hard week of consistent training, what better way to keep things on track than to have another weekend away.

Instead of heading north this time we headed southeast out into the rolling, green hills of Koonwarra. Out for a a friends birthday, I was very happy kicking back in the bed & breakfast set on a winery. Plenty of food, wine and relaxation set the scene for some picturesque running.

Discovering the Great Southern Rail Trail made the 65 minutes of threshold running a whole lot easier than it could have been. Especially after seven days of good hard running which have included 2hr and 2hr50min aerobic runs, plus some 7x2:30 hill repeats with sprint finish run throughs all on top of consistent mileage. I have reached the next level of fitness. Everything is on track.


  1. That's good Jason - can't beat a holiday to recharge the batteries!

  2. very nice weekend. i just noticed that our marathon races are a week apart. mine is Oct 18.


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