Sufficiently Stuffed

The last few days I have managed to fit in the last few sessions of my Specific training. The weekly mix included:
  • a long run of about 2 hours
  • a steady-state threshold run of 60 min
  • threshold intervals of 2x20min
  • VO2max interval session at 10-5km race pace

plus some weights and easy aerobic runs.

Over the last week my legs have been accumulating fatigue and pain. Each day the warm ups have taken longer, and my last interval session I wasn't quite able to maintain my paces. The timing is right, it looks like I have trained right up to my ability to absorb the training. Now it is time to head into my Peaking phase. Where the focus is on tapering volume, ensuring recovery but also enhancing my feel for racing and putting the finishing touches on my faster speeds.

Three cycles of training should see me ready for the Police Games. I'll give myself an easy day, and then get into the details.


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