Still In The Mix

A few days of training has seen me get in most of my key sessions. Some threshold work, a long run, weights, a MAF test and VO2 intervals. All in all I'm running well and apart from being just a few seconds per kilometre off my top end paces you wouldn't know I've missed some training.

Importantly my MAF pace is now at 4:36/km, which is the fastest I have recorded over the last year. It is also 58 seconds per kilometre than my first effort back in August last year.

My body seems to be absorbing the training well. Yes, I am waking up stiff and sore the day after the harder efforts, but this dissapears soon enough. I have definitely struggled a lot more in the past. As long as my body keeps responding as it is now, for the next few weeks I should be race ready for the Police games at the end of March.


  1. That's a huge improvement Jason.

    Canute has an interesting piece on elliptical training and bike/run transition which you might have some first-hand knowledge about.


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