The Click

One of my favourite things about training hard is when you hit those moments where you reach a clear next level in fitness. Improvement in running is never linear. There can be an ebb and flow, mixed with a sometimes unpredictable performance in the day to day runs. This is why I like to take a medium to long term view for most of my training. Running rewards consistency over an extended period of time.

Over the last couple of months I've tried to push out the envelope. This has resulted in a few ups and downs during that time. However, it has now brought my fitness to a new level. I'm not at my best ever race fitness, but I am potentially on my way there. What is this new fitness level?

My body can now comfortably handle 100km training weeks.

I haven't been at this level in a long time, and I haven't ever really sustained that level for long periods. So if getting a solid 100km training week is relatively comfortable, then it sets the base for some substantial improvements. If I can sustain this as my minimum for an extended period I will be expecting some payback in races.

Now 100km is arbitrary and there is no magic in the actual number. In fact I don't aim for any weekly mileage goal. Instead I focus on training effects out of my sessions. That combined with some consistency tends to lead to the mileage taking care of itself.

So what was the moment I realised I had made the click?

It was over two days. After completing a 38km run in the heat I was recovered enough the next day to throw in some speed into an easy, but hilly run. Beats the 2-3 recovery days I've needed after that type of long run. That was backed up with having some snap and spring in my faster running when I jumped into a 5km race the day after. The moment of realisation came during the cool down run after the race. I had definitely trained and raced hard, but overall I was feeling energised rather than fatigued for the efforts. Plus it was relatively easy to hold my form. I haven't been fighting the bad habits that fatigue tends to bring.


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