Another Year

Over a week in, and it's time for my first post of 2017. Not one for big New Year resolutions, it's just an good reminder to have a review of where I'm currently at versus where I want to be. Of course this is an ongoing process and involves a bit of detail over a few days, but I'll spare everyone from that. It just seems extra self indulgent and boring. That leaves just the main details...

My running is okay right now. I'm not breaking any records at the moment, but I'm fit and relatively injury free. I've got a bit of a base of general running fitness with some inconsistent volume behind me. It is definitely a good starting for the year. Better than I've had over the last couple of spins around the sun.

The overriding general goal for the year is to end the year fitter and faster than I am now. This will require a much higher level of consistency than I have achieved in recent years. As a result I will need to focus on doing what it takes to keep running day after day. Higher volume over a full year will get me further than just a few very big weeks interspersed with big gaps in training. Of course improvement also requires the boundaries to be pushed. So its not a matter of just repeating the same runs over and over. There needs to be extension.

As much as I enjoy running most days, I absolutely love racing. I get different things from different races and will throw in few different challenges over the year. So far I have my eye on:
Dotted around these races I'll throw in a few other short events as they fit into my life and work schedule. If I don't race the full 100km at the Surfcoast Century then I will likely be looking for another big event later in the year.

Most of my runs provide time with myself. A moving meditation that seems to get a lot sorted out in my head without me trying to do so. I do really do enjoy the solo runs, but on the flip side making some runs more social is also awesome. Often with how I have to fit them in, this is quite a hard task. That said, I will be putting more effort into catching up with some group runs.

All the above is nice, but doesn't take away from the basic fact I just love to run. It seems to be something I'm meant to do. I could analyse all the statistics, paces, distances, elevation gain and whatever as much as I like, but over the years it has become clear nothing beats the basics of just getting out there and completing a whole lot of runs week after week. That will get me most of the way.


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