Closer To The Plan

I almost hit all my training targets. The last week and a little bit has been the closest I have gotten in a long time. Which probably doesn't reflect too highly on how I have planned and executed my training over that long time. Typically I put in writing what I believe is the maximum I should do, but maybe that's just a cop out.

What was missed? A couple of easy runs were downgraded to regeneration as the legs did need a little more recovery. For the most part that covered almost what I needed. It got me through a good 84km week nearly unscathed. Just one little problem.

This week was meant to start with some hill repetitions but I woke to some stiffness and pain in one of my hamstring tendons. Given my past history and the glute pain last week, I took the safe option and skipped the run the day. Slotting back into the program the next day for a regeneration run seemed to have done the trick.

Looking over the last couple of weeks it suggests the riskiest sessions are the longer runs. At the moment they aren't crazy long, but the speed of them is up a little bit compared to the previous year. They are feeling so good when I'm running them. There is definitely improvement overall, not just in some speed and endurance, but more importantly in technique. My running flow is feeling the best it has in a very long time. So I'll keep on the plan making some mild adjustments along the way. If I can keep up the basics of what I'm doing then I except some significant gains further down the track.


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