First Lump Of Training Done

The month of June has ended, and with it comes an arbitrary line in the training diary. This was the first out of four months of preparation for the GOW100. The aim here was just to set the pattern of training and cover the time frames of the main sessions. I erred on the side of keeping the pace on the slower side of everything. The stimulus was meant to come from the increase in volume and the day after day of running. If my body could absorb this, then I could attach some actual pace goals to my training.

Did it go to plan?

Almost, is the short answer.

The longer version is...

...the first week of June didn't count as I was still on holidays. For the remainder of the month I covered 300km. During this time my Garmin FR220 decided to stop working. Which turned out to be a pretty good thing for the month. I used the Strava app on some select runs, a stop watch when at the track, and for the rest of my runs I just looked at the clock at home when I left and returned from my runs. In was kind of relaxing not having a GPS based pace flashing away on my wrist. When you don't have a watch on, you discover just how much you look at it.

I almost got to run every day. Only three days were missed, by they were in a row. Basically due to trying to get a enough sleep in around night shift and other commitments. Running just didn't happen these days. I got a good mix in of some long (ultra paced runs), some shorter-long runs, hill and technical repeats, track intervals and some relaxed inbetweeners. A bit of strength training was thrown in, but no where near as much as I wanted.

It has been a significant jump in my training compared to anything over the last year. I've realised there has been an overly optimistic hope that I would feel faster. The reality is that I feel slower and my I am carrying a reasonable amount of fatigue from session to session. This should be expected, but feeling flat never feels as good as fresh. You don't get better in the long stuff without going through this. I know the results come from this type of work, it just takes time.


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