Introductory 2016

After smashing myself at Two Bays, I have a much better idea how far off I am of where I want to be with my running. Time to put a plan together to make it happen.

My conditioning is way down, my endurance is on the low side and I don't have much of a top end in speed. However, I am in a better place than that sounds. I'm injury free, and the middle zone of my running is quite good. I was able to comfortably hold a reasonable 50km race pace for 30km over some decent terrain. So it is a good starting point. Now the legs are recovered I can start working on race fitness.

For me this will begin with about 6 weeks of what I'm calling an introductory period. The gist of this period is to work on weaknesses and make sure the body is ready to handle the harder training that follows. A good part of this is including a wide variety of training paces, especially those faster than my usual go to speeds. Volume for this will be relatively low initially and progress as my body proves it can handle the style of work. Exact numbers aren't too important, it is the way I run and handle the sessions that will be the focus. Thrown into the mix will a lot of stretch work.

A different focus will be on each run compared to the day before. Some of the repertoire to choose from include, a 60-90min easy run, hills sprints, shortish (5-8km) time trial, short intervals, progressive runs of various length and of course at least a weekly long run. There will be a good dose of other strength and conditioning work injected into the mix. All starts now.


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