Clearly I had lost some interest in maintaining this blog of late. That may of changed. The new enthusiasm seems well correlated to how my running is going. For most of the year my running has been in more of the just exercising category. This predominantly has been because some complications from a hamstring problem had imposed a ceiling on what I can do. Recently that ceiling has been raised and I've entered the training zone. I like it here better.

What's the difference?

Beyond the obvious of some longer and harder sessions, there is also definite change in my mindset. When exercising I was just aiming to get some good runs in. It was more important that the run felt good rather than having any other definite goal. Now my runs have clear cut goals. It may be simply to enhance recovery between the harder runs, or it may be to run a certain distance. Now my runs have time goals attached to most of them. While exercising I just ran within my limits and to how I felt at the time. In training I challenge myself to hit certain run goals that aim to push my limits.

The biggest difference is that I am no longer aiming just to vaguely get a bit fitter, over the injury complications and just be able to keep running. Now I am working towards definite race goals. There is clear progression in the training. The key sessions have to keep getting worker. Now I trying to make easy what is currently hard.


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