Bloody Tourists

Onto the mainland of America and running just hasn't featured. I've discovered I'm almost impossible to understand over the phone in the USA if I talk normally. Face to face the Aussie accent seems to be a good source of friendly entertainment. I've refrained from talking about drop bears and seasonal work as a Koala Pusher.

In LA I didn't run, basically because I didn't feel like it. It seemed more of a chore than enjoyment. Instead I battled Transformers, wondered just how much concrete is used here, got some local background on some protests and rode some bikes along the beach with the family.
Over to Anaheim and well, it was all about Disneyland and that other park next door. This was definitely good preparation for the ultra distance events. No running because 10 hours a day through these parks covers the leg work. Thongs (flip-flops to others) work the calves after this sort of timeframe. The Health app on the iPhone told me that's over 12km worth of walking per day. I have no idea if that is accurate at all.

My mental toughness and power to endure should be vastly improved. The "happiest place on Earth" doesn't quite take into account tired four and six year olds who have to line up again. Importantly they are now convinced that Star Wars is awesome and not just something else Dad likes that is weird.

I'm enjoying the differences to my usual world. Though I have had trouble with coffee. Ordeing a macchiato back home will usually result in receiving a single shot of espresso stained with a bit of milk. So far in the USA ordering a macchiato has resulted in receiving a behemoth sized bucket of milk which potentially has some espresso in it topped with whipped cream and sometimes caramel or chocolate syrup.


  1. Sounds like you've had the fast passes working overtime. Good fun. Yes, American coffee is rubbish. I gave up and stuck with cups of tea.


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