I Wouldn't Call It Training

Over the last couple of months my running is back to a good level. While not at my fastest, I'm not too far from my better times. Importantly I am running injury free, and the running itself just feels better. Towards the end of last year I was getting fairly frustrated with not being able to ramp up my training and having to focus on some less than exciting corrective work. Now it looks like that has paid off. With some good racing in the bag I am ready to take a break before I target a major race.

Right now I am not following any targeted training. Just exercising how I want. That still means a good amount of running, but it is for fun. Fun may still include hill repeats. Separate to just allowing some reprieve for the body and mind, the main factor in this break is a family holiday. It isn't a running holiday, but I will definitely get in some exercise. I relax better when I throw in some form of exercise.

As far as formalised training goes I won't be touching that until the end of June. From there I will be aiming for the Two Bays Trail Run 56km in January as a priority race. Anything else in the lead up will be just for the sake of racing, rather than a targeted event. In the meantime I get to escape the cold weather.


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