Going since 2007 this blog was as an outlet for my thoughts on training and racing. Putting them down in written form has been a great tool for gaining clarity and finding a direct route from idea to reality. It's amazing how something can seem like a brilliant idea when just bouncing around inside your own scone, but it takes writing it out to properly see the challenges to making it happen.

Putting my thoughts in writing also gives me a break from constantly thinking about them. It frees me up to focus on other topics knowing I can come back when needed. A great bonus is that it spares my wife from being used as a sounding board for my running thoughts. That's a win-win right there. As a little added benefit I hope those reading have been able to gain some knowledge or ideas to help with their pursuits, or even just found a bit of enjoyment.

As with anything that goes for a long time there has been changes. There's been an ebb and flow in the blog. Just looking back through the archive list shows some big variations in how much I have kept it updated. The last year has seen the least amount of blogging. A lot of elements came together to lead to that. Writing posts had now become a chore. Instead of being an outlet, it now felt like an obligation.

Recently I've got some more head room and the desire to write has returned. My running also seems to returning to a level I am happier with. So you may be hearing a little bit more about my runs again.


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