The Ultimate Modern Contempory Guide to Running When Technology Fails

I've the use of technology in my training. Back around the turn of the century I had the bees-knees in heart monitor and cycle computer combination. Since then training has always been tracked electronically. The amount of data accumulated is enormous, but what happens when that technology fails? What are the best strategies to handle this? How can we still get the best out of training without functional technology? So here I present the ultimate guide to running when technology fails...

GPS stops working:
Whether it fails to lock onto the satellites, just doesn't work or is completely inaccurate the solution is the same. Don't use it. Run anyway.

Stopwatch fails:
The battery may have died, you forget to press start or accidently hit stop during the run without realising. Don't use it. Run anyway.

Pedometer carks it:
Don't use it. Run anyway.

Power meter has no power:
First we'll go beyond the arguments of what a running power meter is really measuring. Next... Don't use it. Run anyway.

Ipod has no tunes:
Take notice of your surroundings instead. Run anyway.

Bluetooth link has the blues:
So your GPS/HRM won't link to your smartphone. Don't use it. Run anyway.

No data coverage:
No wifi, no data link, no way of sending the live tracking of your run to social media. Apparently your run still exists even if facebook doesn't know about it instantly. Run anyway.

GoPro doesn't record:
Feel happy for those who struggle with motion sickness. Run anyway.

Selfstick breaks:
Seek professional help just because you used a selfie stick on a run.


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