But I'm Not The Patient

Despite describing my training plan in my last post, I haven't exactly followed it this week. Nothing to with my fitness or motivation. Sometimes other things in life trump what essentially comes down to recreation. Nothing too bad, but when one of the little ones has a tonsillectomy, the recovery for them means lots of time by his side, very regular medications and not much sleep. So naturally that takes the place of training. From a running point of view the week has been wiped.

One thing to learn from this episode is how important sleep is. While in theory I do know this, and should have learnt from past mistakes that sleep deprivation is a bad thing. Being a shift worker I am very familiar with running on reduced shut-eye. That familiarity also means I tend to underestimate just how tired I am and can persist in pushing through when I shouldn't. I tried getting in some training, but it is amazing just how sore the body can become purely from a lack of sleep. As a result I had to jettison the extras, which in this case was running.

Flipping over to the better side, everyone is getting better. So as of today I consider myself back into it. With the air crisp, but some speckled warmth from the sun I felt good with a collection of hill repeats. Surprisingly there was a bit of power in the legs and for the first time in the last couple of month I felt good on the steep descents. Back to a normal level of trying to fit in everything and a normal level of sleep deprivation. Now I feel awesome.


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