Sub 3 Hours in 2014

It's settled. My goal this year is to run my fastest marathon. After throwing around timeframes and race selection, I've decided to target the Traralgon Marathon in June this year. Given where my current fitness is the timing is tight, but it fits in with other aspects of life. Also, extending the plan out further makes me prone to make some of my more common training mistakes.

Training from now will be geared towards the marathon, and this should still allow me to hit my goals at the Australian Police and Emergency Services games along the way.

I've just put a few days of good basic running in the diary and am feeling good. A few days off work, beach and camping certainly made that easy. My legs are feeling recovered from Two Bays. Now the challenge is to get the required consistency in mixing it with rotating shift work, family commitments and all the other aspects life throws up.

Along the way are plenty of other runners sharing similar goals of running sub-3 hour or faster marathons this year. One of them was bright enough to start a thread on Coolrunning at to allow us all to share ideas and experiences along the way. I recommend anyone interested in achieving something similar get on board and join in.


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