Relay For Life

Cancer = bad. People fighting cancer = good. Played a small role in the Whitehorse Relay For Life which raises funds for Cancer Council to fight the awful disease.

I was part of the Ambulance Victoria team called Pierre's Pilots. My part was easy, run a few laps of an athletics track and otherwise socialise with the team. The running was sporadic depending on who was there at the time. So stints of 800 to 2400m with resting as long as took for others to have their turn. It's a strange way to run. Eventually it gave me 24.4km, or 61 laps. Why 61? Well it was one more than a mate ran earlier in the day. Have to add some comepetition.

Speaking of competition, there's always the Tri-services Trophy to race for against the Police and Fire Services. Unfortunately it appears to have been marred by some suspect lap counting by another team. Surprising and disappointing. Still it was fun to be part of the event and not use the watch or heart monitor and keep the running purely social.


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