M2M Recovery

Maybe it was a bit of luck out of bad luck that I didn't get to race the second run of Marysville to Melbourne. Good news is John has recovered well from his bike crash. The reason for my luck is I ended up with a pretty stuffed hamstring from the first run. I would probably have done more damage running the extra 12.5km. Guess that is the risk when you make a point of running the long and steep downhills as fast as you can. I was very sore on the Monday and went out for a very, very slow 11km, that I thought would just get the blood and lymph flowing, aiding recovery and not adding a load. What I hadn't realised yet was the amount of pain wasn't just beaten up legs. The bruising along the back of my right leg eventually indicated there was more. This was soon accompanied by a lot of reduced movement and ability to contract the muscle. As a result, I've taken three complete days off running, and will definitely be continue on the cautious side so I can still race the Great Train Race this Sunday.

In the meantime, the guys from thetribe.com.au have put together a good highlights video of the M2M. Well worth a watch to get an idea of this race.


  1. You have been doing some great running in the past month. Shame about John’s accident in the Marysville2Melbourne, but it sounds like it saved you from wrecking your leg. Good luck for the Great Train Race.


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