The lack of posting is a reflection on the lack of focus on my running recently. After the lack of sleep catching up with me and some low grade sinus problems my body has been fighting I just haven't had a big drive to train hard. That doesn't mean I haven't been running. What did happen was that I haven't put in any hard sessions for a while and of note no real long runs. Plus there have been quite a few runs missed.

Whether all this has purely been a result of getting run down or not, I'm still not too sure. I'm sure just a lack of motivation has played a hand too. Still I am comfortable with all this. My mind and body now seem back on track, and I have put in three days of reasonable running. The enjoyment in the act of running has sparked back up and I am waking up early with energy.

What to do about training now?

My focus is for the Two Bays Trail 28km on the 13th of January in a few weeks. In the limited time left, training will be directed towards this race coupled with the concept of setting up a solid base fitness level. Essentially that will mean getting in as many kilometres in training as I can that allow me to back it up the next day, all at a relatively easy pace. Added into the mix will be short hill sprints and drills twice each week. A long run of 2.5-3 hours over hills and a run of about 90 minutes plus warm up & cool down that will hopefully be close to my expected race pace. It isn't complicated, and certainly doesn't push the envelope a great deal. There is also a lack of long intervals in the mix. However, I think this will serve me well. It won't get me to my peak fitness, but I should get a good day at Two Bays out of it. Plus it should set the basis for the year to come.


  1. Hang in there Jason. It's a tough time of year to keep up with training, blogging and life. Good point about the mileage (and the race itself) setting you up well for 2013. I remember in the old days Palm Beach to Manly doing that on 1 January each year.

  2. Sometimes I think it is the old chicken or the egg thing. Do I feel run down and therefore lack motivation? Or, do I lack motivation and that sets me up to feel run down? Years of this has taught me not to believe the moment too much. If you feel awesome; you'll eventually feel run down. And, if you feel run down....well, the best is right and ready for you. Like Ewen said; it is a tough time of the year to keep up any kind of consistency.


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