It shouldn't take so many times to just get the point through. Again I'm finding some difficulty recovering between sessions and attempting to hold off a sinus infection. The training hasn't been particularly hard with nothing stupid thrown into the mix. The problem is I've been down on sleep.

It's been a combination that culminated with far less shut eye than I should get over at least a week. Kids doing their various things from fighting going to sleep, waking during the night and just getting up early. Problems associated with rotating shift work. Foregoing sleep to fit everything in. The main problem is I just haven't been taking it all into account and haven't actively pursued getting better sleep. While most of the elements are just part of my life, I can improve things with a little effort and planning.

I know consistent and high quality training goes hand in hand with getting enough quality sleep. Being a couple of days down is ok, but its developed into a bit of habit of getting a little under 6 hours most nights. That habit doesn't work well.


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