SC100 Training: Base 8

I toned down the intensity for my basic runs to see what effect that had. The result was one of my best training weeks. My key runs were all performed very well. The total volume was the highest so far at over 130km. Plus I generally felt good. Not like my body was at breaking point.

Other good points were that I handled sub-zero without any real problems. Even when it rained it was good. Plus I shared the terrain on all but one day with plenty of kangaroos. Then finishing with a long run of 37km, hills and a few more hills mixed with lots of beautiful single track topped off the base training.

Tomorrow I start my Focus phase of training. I've been training to be ready for this next stint of training. At the least the next stint will now be training to race. Details to come.


  1. Nice going Jason. Looks like you're on top of things - good mileage and recovering well.


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