SC100 Training: Base 1

Saturday was day one. The few days leading in I went against my usual style and didn't do any running. I just didn't feel like it until training officially began. That had me feeling pretty refreshed on that first day. Starting with the MAF test gave me some base line data. The result was a pace of 4:58/km. Not my fastest (4:28/km), but far from my slowest (5:38/km). A place t begin.

Other than for the MAF test, I never checked my heart rate during any other runs. The first week was all about finding a feel for the training. All runs had the HR recorded, but that will be more important in the future after a bit of analysis.

Scheduling everything was a little tight, and my long run was placed on the 8th and final day of my week. To fit that in required a very early start. The first seven days felt quite comfortable. Nothing seemed to take too much out of me. What I did learn was that my basic endurance is quite lacking. In order to keep the intensity down, my speeds at the lower aerobic range are excruciatingly slow. Probably the two key elements I need to be really good at to race 100km. The small amount of faster work (hill plyometrics and strides) felt really good. My body still wants to race at 10-21km intensity. The week came together as:

Day 1: MAF Test, result 4:58/km. Total 14km running in 75min. Some strength training in the afternoon.
Day 2: Aerobic Run: 64min exploring the offshoots of familiar trails with the discovery of new river crossing.
Day 3: Long CHO depletion: Goal was 2hrs, but even with a very slow pace I bonked at only 1:20. I put in another 22min of hypoglycaemia limited running. Shorter and slower than I hoped, but there should be a training effect out of this.
Day 4: Hill Plyometrics. 4x300m 6% grade hill, explosive spring followed by 4 minutes of flat & mild down hill running with some high cadence bursts. With the warm up and cool down I was out for an hour. This session just felt great.
Day 5: off - sleep & family took priority after a 14 hour night shift.
Day 6: Aerobic Run: 60min with 4 x 100m relaxed strides and a some technique drills thrown in. Followed up with a strength session.
Day 7: Aerobic Run: 60min where I just went out for a straight forward comfortable run.
Day 8: Long Run 3:43.

Taking a little longer to get my act together, I was out running at 0440, well before dawn. I had a course in mind, but made some alterations along the way. As a result I don't know how far or fast I ran, but at this stage it doesn't really matter. My goal is to run all the hills on my long runs, but this morning it was clear that is a big ask with some of the grades around me. For running in the dark I realised I had to pick my route carefully in order to be able run it all properly. Some sections had too many car lights destroying my night vision and I also discovered some trails which I had known well had been destroyed, probably back in the Christmas rains. It was an also unnerving experience getting caught in the middle of a mob of kangaroos that decided to bound straight across my trails all around me in hazy, cloud covered moonlight. Nutrition and hydration seemed reasonable, but as the majority of the run was at a very low intensity, I don't think I was really putting it to a test. What surprised me, was the general aches through my legs that built throughout the run

The first week of training was a reasonable starting point, but I do have long way to go.


  1. How long is your MAF test? 8km?
    Have you found it correlates well to your race performance?

    1. Hi Aidan, My MAF test is run over 8.4km as I see you noted below. Start & finish at the same place with being made up with a 2.2km section that's out and back plus the remaining 6.2km is out and back in the opposite direction.

      I find the pacing only correlates to a point. Mainly it depends on my training. Of course a faster pace at MAF HR tends to mean faster times generally there's more to it. When a good dose of work up around VO2 max is included the MAF testing becomes less and less relevant.

      Your question has given me a good idea about describing what my philosophy is. I'll eventually get to posting that.

  2. sorry just read below - 8.4km!

  3. Worth getting Maffetone's book if you haven;t already. Good read


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