It feels good when a plan and hard work all comes together for the result you want. That's exactly what I got in the Emergency Services Games.

Running for me is definitely not just about finishing times. It is about the different experiences and moments. Of course chasing those times can provide those moments, such as achieving my first sub-3 hour marathon. Likewise I also enjoy that close competition where you are battling for a win with others. The ESG's provide the right level for me to be up at or near the front.

At the moment I'm taking some time off. Chasing some sun, sand, warmth and fun with the family. There won't be any training. Just whatever exercise I feel like doing at the time. Not much running is likely to be the mix.

After a couple of weeks I'll have a hard hit out at the Great Train Race, just for fun. Following the required recovery (the hills always smash the quads), it will be time to work towards the next goal.


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