Week 3: ESG Training

Definitely not my standard week. Due incorporating a race and some work roster changes, I extended the week out from 8 days to 11. Not sure if I can really call that a week.

I had plans to extend the time between my key runs and take them a bit harder. Things started that way. My technical was fast and will plenty of sharp up and down. Then my threshold run I moved away from the two repeats and just hammered an out-and-back trail for 60min of running at half marathon effort. Out had an average elevation drop, so the challenge was to hold the same pace on the return up. I didn't quite make it, but it was an awesome run. Next I hit the hill repeats, because of the upcoming race I shortened the repeats to about 60sec and jogged easy back down. This was hard for me keep in any pace in the latter intervals. A true nausea set.

Then the SunFest 10km. Raced in 38:15. I wanted faster, but it should set me up okay for the Games. Afterwards my legs felt better than usual. The problem was working an extra two 14 hour night shifts plus overtime took way too much out of me. The narrow time slot I had left for my long run was filled with attempted sleep. In the end I had only an hour left to fit in a run. Here I decided to work on my weaknesses.

So a set of short and steep hill repeats. 12x40sec with walk back recovery. Each was run as fast as I could get myself up. Pain, burn, vomit x 1 and that feel good sensation that comes with all the above.

Overall a pretty good block of training. It was missing the long run, but still had a 2 hour run with 1 hour of that at anaerobic threshold. Another two hard weeks of training before the final peak/taper week.


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