Short For Long?

A sizable gap between posts. Doesn't mean there's been a gap in the training. Over the last week there really hasn't been anything outstanding in my running. It's just been a matter of getting the base training done. The very easy runs have been covered comfortably. The hill session feels a little bit easier. The moderate long and the actual long run can be ticked, but they didn't feel as comfortable as I would like. Which is a little bit of a worry since I will be running the Maroondah Dam 50km in just over a week. The tendons & muscle around my right medial ankle are intermittently still giving me a bit of grief.

So where does that leave me as I head to the end of my base building?

Well, I do have a half descent bank of kilometers in my legs. Due to a few missed runs around the start of January, the level of my long runs didn't progress as quickly as I hoped for. That is likely to mean a significant amount of risk by really pushing the pace and/or distance on the longer stuff. To ensure I can move into the next level of training I need to keep a lid on the amount of threshold work and how hard I take the long runs. As far as the Maroondah Dam 50km goes, I am really going to have watch the early pacing. With the climbs and downhills, not to mention the distance, it is an event I could really hammer myself. So I need to stick to my plan, of it just being a harder than usual long run. A test of what I need to do to progress to the ultramarathon world. In guiding my pacing for this day, I have a 22km planned in three days that should give me a proper indication of where I really am at. Otherwise, the rest of my running will be the usual 1 hour (short) stuff.


  1. Yeah, the proof is in the long run. That is the test. That is where the training is going to. Best wishes on the the 22Km and 50Km.


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