Only As Strong As Your...

No point sticking with a plan if it isn't going to work. I'm now at the end of my second week of training. Continuing on from the first week, it certainly hasn't gone anything like I originally planned. My left patella tendon is more than a weak point. It is an injury. I'll cover the details later, but the short version is I have patella femoral syndrome. I've had it before, and it is a symptom of other, more ongoing issues. So it will take a while to correct. So here is what the last training week looked like.

Day 1: Run: Hill repeats: 14x40sec, walk/jog back (70-100sec)
Day 2: Run: Easy 1hr approx 9km. Slow, but feeling almost comfortable. L) knee sore later in day
Day 3: Rehabilitation: cycle & run too painful for knee
Day 4: Strength: Session Deadlift, Bench 3+
Day 5: Run: Easy 1hr, approx 10km, knee felt ok
Day 6: 
  • Strength: Session Squat, Press, 1+
  • Aerobic conditioning run: 60min, mainly flat, taped knee, main focus on correct running form
Day 7: Rehabilitation: no running, tissue manipulation, reactivation of VMO.
Day 8: Run: easy 32min, approx 5km, taping helped, some signs of being on the right track

I have to accept it's not longer just a matter of taking it easy for a week or so. There needs to be a dedicated rehabilitation program to fix my knee and associated injury/problems.


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