Starting a new phase of training has traditionally involved a hard session on the first day. Over the last couple of years, each new phase has started with one or two easy days. This is mainly a result of the my work roster, and what fits best in my head for drawing a line as Day 1. Having now covered the first three days of the Specific Phase of my marathon training, it has been ridiculously easy. Some easy runs, with nothing long as I preferred to be around to celebrate my son's 1st birthday.

It is such a contrast compared to the last couple of months worth of training. Instead of ensuring that my in-between runs were at a reasonable pace, the focus is now on making them very comfortable. As a result I am going completely on feel. The times and heart rates I check afterwards, and will record to see how things change over the next few weeks. With four runs over three days my heart rates have been very low compared to all previous training. The speeds have been slow, but not quite as slow as I thought they would be. So far the runs have felt energising and I seem to working out the heaviness in my body that has came from the threshold training and carried on through the recovery week.

Getting into the three key sessions over the next 5 days will show up if I can getting myself back on the right track. Being excited again about some hard training runs is giving me more hope I can reach my goals in the marathon. Amazing what some recovery, followed up with some feel-good can do. Time to get faster.


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