Structuring No Structure

I expected to require a fair bit of recovery after the Emergency Games. I didn't expect my legs to be as fried as they were. At least it is a good indicator I put in and got the most out of my body for the races. Originally I expected to take about three days for recovery, then get back into my base routine, at slightly reduced intensity and maybe substituting some of the running for an extra swim or bike. It hasn't quite worked that way. What happened instead, was that my legs still felt hammered seven days after racing. Absolutely no strength, very quick to fatigue, and a deep underlying discomfort that was reminiscent of my first couple of Ironman triathlons. No use to trying to shock a return to form for my legs. Recovery, very easy exercise, mild stretching, hot/cold therapies and massage is the only way to get them back on track. So this is what I have done. I put my plan in writing. That plan provided the guidelines for non-structure training. The parameters were:

  • Everything should feel easy

  • If feeling good during a session, then stop before that feeling goes away

  • If feeling not-so-good, then stop immediately

  • Choose whatever I feel like doing as long as it fits with the above rules

  • Maintain this until 14th April, then reassess

It is now the 14th. So looking back I filled the time without my running shoes. Instead there were a couple of swims, and the cycling has involved fiddling around with the setup on my bike. I know I haven't been happy with my position on my race bike, so this was the perfect opportunity to take the time to measure, analysis, adjust, repeat & repeat, without feeling like I was losing training time.

Now I am at the reassess stage. I feel mainly recovered. The problems from the racing have now been replaced with the heaviness & slowness that comes with taking a substantial recovery slab. I am at the start of a new 8-day-week. I have the Run For The Kids 14.3km race in three days. The plan will be, do what feels appropriate to kick start my body to be back firing for the race. Then focus with some easy cycling in the days after, aiming to get a bit of volume in. After that I should be completely back into the swing of regular training, and looking towards building to a Half Ironman triathlon later in the year.


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