Wallace Rule of Nines

This is a first for me. I have found a rather unexpected way to interrupt training. Yesterday I headed down to the local athletics track for a fast set of repetitions. Usually I like to do some of my warm up barefoot, but when I took my shoes off, the ground felt a bit too hot for that option. The day wasn't stupidly hot by any stretch of the imagination, but the sun did have a good kick to it. So I fumbled in my bag and got out a pair of socks and my runners.

Footwear on, and I jogged out into the outside lane. By only 200m my feet felt strange. There was a strange pain across the front soles of my feet, plus a squishy sensation was developing. I slowed and finished the lap. The pain was getting worse. Was I getting blisters?

Shoes off to inspect the bottom of my feet. Yes there were blisters. Not normal, friction style blisters either. The blisters were secondary to burns. Burns which had actually reached partial thickness territory. That was ridiculous. The ground didn't really feel that hot, plus I had so often changed my shoes, and stood barefoot in the area so many times in the past. On hotter days too.

Needless to say I didn't get into the run, a bit of burns management was much more important. This morning the blisters are still there, and the temptation is to drain them so I can get on my feet. However, these aren't standard blisters and I'm opting to keep that first barrier to infection intact. Two or three days off running is better than a week or more due infected burns.


  1. WOW! That is crazy! I can't tell you how many tri's I've done in the heat and sort of laughed about something like that happening.

    Heal up!

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  3. That's amazing! I wonder what the ground temperature was? Anyway, I'm sure you'll be back into it after a few days.


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