It was meant to a 3 hours and 10 minutes worth of running. Yes it was, very cold. The weater site suggested it was 0.1 degrees Celcius, but the amount of ice on everything suggested it below zero. A few layers, double gloved, beanied up and I only lasted 4km. My hands reached the point of no recovery. No blood flow to the fingers, pain, numbness and tissue damage. This was about the worst my Raynaud's had gotten. No chance of finishing the run.

Once back in the heated indoors, the painful process of rewarming began. The heat isn't the problem, the reperfusion of blood back to the ischaemic extremities just plain hurts. Surprisingly this leaves me excessively stuffed for about a day. Looks like that's one run scratched off the list.
Luckily the rest of training has been going exceptionally well, and I can't see any real problems with missing one long run. Just as long as I don't miss the next long run.


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